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We offer over 100 standard and specialty finishes as well as custom matches.  Click on one of the above images/color categories to see a sampling of our colors in that color palette. This will help you to narrow down and refine your color selection since there are so many different variations and techniques used to create a color. We want to help you simplify your choices. All custom matches require an actual finished wood sample such as a swatch block, door, drawer front or floor board sample. We can also paint your cabinetry, however, we need the brand and color or a sample of the paint -- this is not a household paint but a furniture grade solid color opaque lacquer finish. We do not match colors from a picture or photograph since these are not accurate representations of color, nor can be reproduced accurately. See below for some samples of our assortment of finishes. We also offer painted lacquer finishes including sage green, barnyard red and navy blue as well as natural finishes.

Wood Finishes

Finish samples have been stained, opaque lacquered, glazed, or painted to represent a typical/average color. Wood is a product of nature in which variations in color and grain structure are inevitable. The same stain when applied to different woods will appear differently since the absorption of the stain will vary. Our professional hand applied and spray finishing team makes the utmost effort to achieve the best possible color match, but understand that samples can only be regarded as a color guide. Samples are a best effort representation of the final color but we cannot guarantee an exact match between the sample provided and your finished product because factors such as wood grain, sunlight and interior lighting, can affect a finish color.

Stains, paints, opaque lacquers and finishes in general made at different times may not match exactly, we, therefore, recommend all pieces be finished for a room at the same time.

Hand-Applied Finishes

Certain finishes are “antiqued”, “hand glazed”, “distressed” or “rubbed back” which cannot be accurately reproduced on samples since each application is unique and handmade – no two are alike. Glazed finishes feature a hand applied, toner glaze over selected details of the cabinetry. This amount of glaze remaining in the special features of the door or wood grain are usual characteristics of a glazed finish. Like any hand applied and wiped finish, glazed finishes will vary between cabinets. This variation is characteristic of multi-step finish, and only adds to the genuine handcrafted appeal of the cabinetry.

Color Samples

Unfortunately, color samples are neither loaned out nor available for purchase. If we are making a custom color for your project, we will make a color sample(s) on a door or a molding or panel for your color approval prior to staining or finishing. This will give you a good idea of the finish on a larger scale than a stain chip, as well as show how the stain varies on different wood grains and in dips, grooves and shaped wood parts. Upon your signed approval, we will proceed to finishing your cabinetry.



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