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To build lasting customer driven furniture and cabinetry designs that are functional, stylish and affordable. It’s always been about choice and what the customer needs. Our company has been built on not selling what we want, but making what people need at a fair price. Affordable. Quality. Custom Design for All.


For over 20 years, we have crafted furniture and cabinetry in our Southern California factory workshop and design studio for specialty furniture dealers, the entertainment industry, celebrities, contractors and designers. Let us make your ideas and visions a reality. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you to create a space to call your own. 

  • All our woodworking, furniture and cabinetry are made on premise and made-to-order. 
  • Our state-of-the art 3-D computer aided virtual cabinet design (CAD) system is full integrated and linked with the latest computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) woodworking machinery. 
  • All parts are cut accurately and efficiently to match your cabinet designs needs. 
  • Combined with traditional woodworking techniques, our cabinetry is handmade on a bench in the old style tradition by our craftsman. 
  • All carvings are hand carved by a master carver using traditional chisels. 
  • We have our own door facilities as well as have partnered with leading specialty doormakers to offer you unmatched selection of miter and traditional doors.
  • We make the cabinetry starting with hand-selection of raw lumber boards. 
  • We oversee all aspects of the woodworking from start to finish from design to installation. 
  • solid hardwood and softwood species including pine, alder, birch, oak, maple, cherry and walnut as well as furniture grade veneer plywood, MDF and Melamine particleboards depending on what wood combination the job call for. 
  • We offer hundreds, if not thousands of choices and styles
  • Premium accessories and hardware with lifetime warranties – built to last, guaranteed
  • Full extension drawer slides
  • BLUMTM concealed European hinges and hardware
  • HERATM premium task and halogen lighting systems
  • REVA-SHELFTM convenience and organizational hardware
  • Stylish designer Pulls and knobs
  • ACCURIDETM pocket doors systems
  • SPECTRUMTM media systems
  • 100s of standard finishes
  • Spray on finishes and Hand-applied premium custom finishes including: glazing, distressing, rub back, crackle, traditional stains, opaque lacquers, and paints.
  • Choose from fluted, reeded, traditional, Euro-American and European frameless styles
  • We offer real hand carvings, turned solid wood legs, turned solid wood feet, corbels and crown and architectural mouldings. 
  • Quality work and workmanship is guaranteed.


We appreciate the details. Our style ranges from clean lined modern to the traditional. We craft pieces that are timeless. We draw from from a variety of styles Mission, Shaker, Scandinavian, English Country, European and French. But it’s all about our client’s needs. It’s about their vision and their needs. Pieces that are people driven. It’s not about selling you what we have in inventory or in stock. We don’t push overstocks or have outlets to dump excess. Instead of this is available in two colors in this one size with this single configurations, we let you start with what you want it to be.  So stop searching from store to store and let’s build what you want.


At the CFM Company, we believe that the best place to start conserving and protecting our natural resources is at our shop.  Over the past 20 years, we have never used peanuts, foam, nor boxes in our packaging of our furniture or cabinets since each piece is individually wrapped in a pad or furniture blanket and shipped on specialized air-ride semi-trucks with specialized furniture carriers. And we ship most of our small parts requests with recycled materials to conserve our natural resources. When we need to wood crate fragile parts or large doors for shipping, we use scraps left over from projects.  We recycle all of our sawdust, and wood scrap. Our vendor, Recycle Wood Products processes the materials into products used in the landscaping and ground covering industry. We recycle all our paper, bottles and cardboard on a weekly basis. We minimize the amount of printed material we produce and instead choose to use our website for marketing purposes and the digital distribution of information/catalogs when ever possible. All correspondence, confirmations, receipts, and drawings are emailed instead of mailed.  Our American style furniture collections have used 90% only non-endangered renewable domestic softwoods and hardwoods and sustainable materials for the past 20 years. While we have avoided the use of melamines in our furniture, we embrace it for our closets and garages since it is a recycled and eco-friendly product. We support the trend and efforts of everyone to conserve natural resources, help our environment and appreciate the world we live in. It just makes good sense.


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